About us

We are the first scandinavian football and sportswear brand for girls. Our mission is to empower and inspire footballers and athletes by creating gear that appeals to their aesthetic and athleticism, to improve their performance and push their limits.


We believe that by improving your gear we will also improve your game. Both on and off the field.




For many years  football gear for girls has simply been designs for men in smaller sizes and in feminine colors. Whether we are talking about products, the retail experience or the marketing messages created,  girls have always had to play in mens wear and make it work. We at Gardien Sports embrace the fact that female footballers have different bodies and different needs, and need to be targeted separately.


This is why we are here!


By being her, we also understand her. We know that a female footballer is much more than just a footballer. We know that we need products that will help us perform at the highest possible level, and in any aspect of our day to day life. We don’t only play football - we also do yoga, we run, we lift weights and we recover. So we strive to make versatile products that can perform and be worn 24/7 - from the field to your couch.


We are a brand for the footballers, the 24/7 athletes, the amateurs, for the football fans and for every other sporty girl.


Let’s change the game together!


Our core values & personality




PERFORMANCE: We always aim to perform with the highest possible quality. In all parts of our business. The quality of our gear, the bond with our customers and how we treat the world and the people in it. Sustainability and good work conditions is important to us!


PROGRESSION: We always want to get better and that is why teamwork is a central part of our business, we listen to our customers, and make them a part of our journey. We always want to progress in the game! We are forward-thinking and always want to find ways to change the game for the better.


PASSION: We love what we do and we love the game. Our heart is in everything we do <3 By football girls for football girls

For whatever: pernille@gardiensports.com or DM us on Instagram @gardiensports